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Who Else Wants a Successful Living Room Design Project?

Who Else Wants a Successful Living Room Design Project?

Living room is the center of any house, most of us will spend a lot of time in decorating living room. Living room is also where we welcome guests and friends in our house.

This means that living room is an important space that has to pay attention during the entire home decorating project. Let’s take a look at these tips to create a great and successful living room design.

1. Circulation Space

Most people will directly enter into the living room whether it is an independent bungalow or an apartment block, so having a clear circulation space is a must for having a healthy and cozy living room.

2. Visually Appealing

Balance your space between the used and unused spaces. It’s not necessary to fill every empty space with some furniture element, make sure the room has a minimum circulation space as mentioned above.

3. Prepare for your guests

When you invite your friends and families, they will come into your house and sit in the living room. Make sure your have enough couches and chairs so none of your guests sit on the ground.

4. Ventilation

If you have a pretty large living room, then probably you’ll have a higher ceiling which means it’s good for the proportions of the space. Think about ventilating the living area naturally or artificially as well, such as using standing fan.

5. Color Scheme

Using a bright color pattern is the best option you can choose, especially if you have a small area because bright color can make the room feels bigger. You can also use your favorite color as long as it is matching to your entire house.

In this article I have tried to throw some important tips as a starting point for you to think more creatively to design and decorate your living room.



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